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Terms of Service (Tos)

For custom commissions

By commissioning me, you automatically agree to my Terms of Service (even if you did not read it). Please read it. :')

Please be aware that the TOS for my premades (sold at the Dealer's Den) are different from my TOS here, for my custom commissions. The TOS for my shop at the Dealer's Den only affects items sold on that website, and can be found within the info of my shop. The TOS for my custom commissions can be found below.

+By purchasing a commission (personalized artwork) from me (CloverCat Creations) you automatically agree to my Terms of Service.
+I reserve the right to alter or update my Terms of Service at any time.
+I reserve the right to decline any commission for any reason, or cancel a commission for any reason. If a commission is cancelled, money will be returned to the buyer, and any progress made on their commission will be scrapped or repurposed.

+If the buyer does not make a payment or there is no form of communication from the buyer for several months, the project will be considered abandoned and any progress made on their commission will be scrapped or repurposed. A refund to the buyer may or may not be given.


+Payment must be made through PayPal. I cannot accept any other forms of payment at this time.

+Payment must be in USD or be converted to USD. Any fees to convert currency will be the responsibility of the buyer.
+I must have 30% of the payment up front before I begin work. The full cost must be paid before I will ship your item. The 30% down payment is non-refundable.

+Payment plans are acceptable and must be discussed with me. By choosing to pay through a payment plan, the buyer accepts that they must pay the agreed amounts at the proper due dates. If the buyer fails to pay by the set dates, the commission may be cancelled.

+The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs and fees.
+As soon as the project is completed, and the buyer has paid in full, the commission will be shipped.

+Local pickup is fine; if you live in/near Michigan and would like to schedule a local pickup, contact me about it. I also may be able to meet up with you at Anthrocon or another furry convention to hand off the commission.

+Tracking number and insurance will be added onto all packages.

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