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CloverCat creations

Making Fursuits, Making Friends!

Indigo_Dutch Angel Dragon_by CloverCat (1).png
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CloverCat Creations is a fursuit/mascot costume designer that makes high quality, well-designed costumes with you in mind. You bring your imagination and characters, and CloverCat will bring them to life for you!

Excellence is what we strive for! CloverCat only makes exceptional work and will not ship a costume unless she, and you, are 100% satisfied with the result. We will make sure your costume is well-sewn, fits properly, and is comfortable to wear. And, of course, make sure the physical version of your character closely resembles your design! Even if your design is complicated, CloverCat will work with you to make your character fursuit-friendly.

Interested in commissioning? Head on over to the commissons page for information on prices, how custom commissions work, and more.


Figby in his natural habitat. (Art by Inksie.

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