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Commissions Status: Closed

The queue is currently closed. Thank you for your interest!
When the queue is reopened, it will be updated here and on my Twitter.

If you want to view the current queue length, visit my Trello page.

What is a Commission?

A commission is an online order made to an artist for a custom piece of artwork. Commissions can be made with artists to purchase custom drawings, music, crafts, costumes, and more! CloverCat is an artist that specializes in making fursuits. If you place an order with CloverCat Creations, you are "commissioning" CloverCat to make a fursuit for you.

How do I order a commission?

If you are considering choosing CloverCat to make your fursuit for you, that's great! You can check out the Commission Prices page to get a good idea of how much it may cost, or send me a message and I will give you a quote (an estimated price for how much it will cost to make your costume).


If you send me a message to ask for a quote, send a reference image (SFW/Family-Friendly only) and tell me what type of fursuit you would like. I will give you a quote; and from there, it is up to you to decide if you would like to commission me or not. (My quotes are free!)


If you decide you would like to go ahead and start a commission, do not forget to read my Terms of Service first!

What happens after I begin a commission?

If you start a commission with me, your costume will go into my queue. (You will be in line!) However, I will not be able to start your costume until you pay the first 30% of the full cost. After it is paid, I will use the money to order materials and begin working on your costume. I will keep in contact with you, asking you questions and making sure I get every detail the way you would like it. I will ask you for the smallest of details, such as claw type, paw pad material, tail shape, style of face details, and more!

What happens after the costume is done?

When your costume is complete, I will take many pictures of it and send them to you so that you can make sure that it looks perfect! When you give the A-OK, I will package it up safely in a big box. However, before I can mail it, you will need to pay the final 70% of the costume's price, so that it is 100% paid for. When the costume is complete, and fully paid off, I will mail it. Then, you can wait in anticipation as your new treasure makes its way to you!

12-17-20 stream.JPG

Does the idea of commissioning someone make you nervous? Don't be! Get to know CloverCat by hanging out with her while she sews fursuits live on Twitch. She loves making new friends!

A photo from that time I put a wig on Figby, and the livestream chat dubbed him "Wigby"

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