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Premade costumes, or "Premades" are costumes that are fully complete and ready to buy. They can be a complete fullsuit, or can be separate parts, such as a pair of handpaws, a tail, or a head. Premades are pre-made/pre-designed by the artist that created them. The style, colors, and details were all decided by the maker.

Commissions are different from premades, in that they are custom made to match the exact design of the commissioner's character. Because of the great amount of extra effort that goes into custom fursuits, they are often more expensive. Some fursuit makers will not even offer them, since custom costumes can be quite a handful.

Premades have a few advantages over custom costumes. The buyer is able to see the finished product ahead of time, and can tell immediately if they like what they see. They know exactly what they will be receiving, and will not have to wait a long time for a custom costume to be made. Also, it can be fun to mix and match fursuit parts to make a truly unique character!

Another positive for buying premade fursuits instead of custom fursuits is the ease of access. No back-and-forth messages to a fursuit maker, and no waiting months for your fursuit to be made. Simply choose one you like, and buy it!

While CloverCat spends most of her time working on custom suit commissions, once in a while she makes a premade item or suit. See what is currently for sale by visiting CloverCat's shop at the Dealer's Den. Once in a while, Clover also sometimes does free tail giveaways for the viewers on her livestream.

CloverCat_Silver, Grey, Maroon_Tail.png
CloverCat_Purple, Yellow_Handpaws and Ta
CloverCat_Navy, Grey, White_Tail.png

Examples of Premades made by CloverCat.

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