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About CloverCat

      Hey there! My name is CloverCat. You can call me Clover! (Or, if I'm in fursuit, call me Figby!) I am a mascot costume/fursuit maker and twitch streamer. I have been making fursuits for over five years now, and I love it! Making fursuits is a special kind of art and quite niche, but crafting is my passion and I love spending every day working on them. Watching characters come to life in costume form is truly a magical feeling!

      I find so much enjoyment from creating fursuits, that I decided to make a Twitch channel where I show off the entire lengthy process of creating such detailed costumes. I absolutely love spending my time making fursuits, and I believe that anyone has the ability to make their own, too! So, from start to finish, I make fursuits in real time, teaching all of my tips and tricks. I am able to talk with people in the chat, so I can answer questions and have conversations. When I stream, I'm not just making fursuits... I am also making friends!

      After I started streaming fursuit-making, I realized I could also have fun by playing some video games. So now I also do gaming streams! I even began producing some fully edited gaming-related videos, which can be found on my YouTube channel.

      The creative world of animation and video game making is amazing to me, so my other hobbies tend to involve them. I earned a Bachelor's degree in Animation in college, although my specialty was 3D modeling characters. I put it to use by modeling and 3D printing fursuit eyes, head bases, teeth, and other parts for fursuits. I also use my animation knowledge for sculpting and rigging characters for my passion project, an up-and-coming furry video game I'm working on!

      Between making fursuits and streaming, I have made so many new friends and have really immersed myself in the world of art. I hope that someday, everyone can find their true passion... just as I have found mine!


My Fursona, Figby the Wolf, playing Pokémon on his classic blue 3DS. (Art by Crayon)


Figby, practicing with his (comically tiny) katana at his dojo.

Come hang out with me and my friends on our Discord server!

Figby aka CloverCat.png

Figby/Clover in front of the green screen, shooting footage for a YouTube episode!

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